Things fell apart the day I became really frustrated after coming from office, fussing about a severe back ache and swollen eyes eventually caused by the constant gaze at the computer screens for continuous hours. It would have been very obvious to my parents that I was really frustrated with my job, and wanted to have some air around me. The famished me

 couldn’t say anything when Dad came to me looked at my pathetic eyes and said “Resign dude…I have told you umpteen times to file the resignation and go for higher studies…that was what you wanted”.

Well! It happens you see, the frustration you get in the Indian IT industry, every engineer studying for painstaking 4 years finally ends up in a confined AC room basking the glory of a 5 digit salary and limited time to enjoy the money they earn and finally having no money even before 3rd week ends. Nearly half of the IT industry would curse me, for complaining like a high school kid, but the hackneyed thought that ‘I hate IT job’ comes from every individual. ‘Go, chase your dreams’, was the one thing that ringed my ears very often

I told him “yes, time has come. I will resign and I’m joining MS Computer Science “

Ever since my engineering started I loved teaching. The oddity behind this passion is still unanswered, yeah it sounds weird when a Computer Science Engineer instead of sitting and doing the coding loves to beautify the black board and reciting some logic and computing to a bunch of funky youngsters. But it happened that, teaching was my cup of tea, and there were enough students to stir the passion out of that tea lol….

Making me sit in some confined space and telling me to improve some age old code was not going to work with me. A round the clock chatter box, my mouth was never shut lol…I enjoyed the company of friends, students ….yeah you get it…in fact anybody who wished ‘please shut your mouth for a second, I need a moment’s peace’…lol

Destiny gave me a chance to study and finally, I resigned from my company. Yeah! it was like a festive mood, THE very fact that I finally filed my resignation came as a surprise to everybody and all flocked to my cubicle and confirmed the same, not because I was worth a pile of hay there and the greatest engineer there, but the fact that the kid in me had been threatening everybody from day one that “I don’t want this job, I will resign now’. That never happened in the long run of 3 years, so my friends knew, it was just “Wolf, Wolf…” but no wolf came.

Now, America was a distant dream for me, and my mind was imbued with thoughts of all sorts. Not having travelled in an air plane in my life time, I grew cautious and clumsy enough to ask even the silliest of the questions to my future roommate there. But thank god, he seemed to understand the utter concern in me and humanely enough he helped me out well. Thanks to Mr Barry, as we fondly call him lol…..

Getting into enormous thing that really goes up in the air makes you shudder if you are in for the crazy ride for the first time. Multi lingual, multi-cultural people swarmed the Chennai aiport with various sized bags with small sharp things poking out between the slits…lol yeah you even pack your Indian home used kettle to US, to start your life afresh.